09 October 2010

Guest favours

After months of procrastinating, I finally ordered bomboniere for our guests! Mum has done some good work for us, talking to various local chocolate makers and I have been through a few concepts and ideas and we have found something now that will work for us.

Earlier on in the planning process I thought how nice it would be to give people something useful. I love a practical gift, and I strive to think of gifts for my friends and family that they can use, rather than throw in the back of the cupboard until the next birthday/Christmas and they need a present for Auntie Ethel.

A few ideas that caught my fancy included a small potted herb, or packets of vegetable seeds. I felt though that our audience for those gifts was quite small and would not necessarily be appreciated, and I could see those forlorn little plants sitting on tables of our reception after everyone had left.

So we have gone back to the tried and true of chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate! Yum!

Exactly what I have ordered though... I will let you guess.


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