31 October 2010

Not too long to go...

My life at the moment is wedding, wedding wedding. With a bit of house! built in. It is all good fun and hopefully I will come out of the end of it unscathed. There is so much detail floating around in my head and I am worried that I will forget something. Eep!

A quick round up of the week...
I had another dress fitting! For the first fitting the dress maker Nici had made the dress from lining fabric. This time around she had stiched in the feature panel of my dress and it was starting to take shape! I was very excited, I can see now what my dress will be like. I am looking forward to the next fitting.

First stop was to the florist to pay the balance. Tick!

Mum and I had a big morning. We headed out to a couple of places in Belmont to pick up some detail. The first was to Sonboniere, a shop stocking all sorts of goodies for you to accessorise the perfect wedding, party, or anything! We had a goal in mind, and that was to purchase bags for wedding cake. There were many pretty things though to distract us from our task.

Next on the list was to head to Whistlers to pick up the bomboniere for the wedding. It was exciting to see and Mum now has custody of them until the wedding. Thanks Mum!

We are catching up with the celebrant today, to go over our ceremony and make sure everything is good! I have sent him the reading that we wish to have so that will be another tick in the box for confirmation and planning.

Chad and I are also planning to check out our ceremony venue today to remind ourselves what it looks like and we will go searching for a pair of shoes for him to wear. He wants to trendy himself up!


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