24 October 2010

My silver shoes

Last Saturday I made it my mission to try to find a pair of shoes to Linda's specification. I started simple, and went to Harbourtown to see if I could grab a bargain. I found this pair in the first shop I walked into - Williams - and snapped them up. I did the rounds and came to the conclusion that I had the best of the bunch and moved on.

They are a bit higher than I am used to, so we shall have to see how I go! Today I spent an hour tottering around on them. It seemed quite strange to be hanging out the washing in a pair of heels. It probably does not help that yesterday and today I have been running up and down hills and stairs at King's Park and my calves are already tight! Still, all in the name of looking gorgeous.

C and I went to see the dressmaker Niky last week, and tried on our samples. It was all good fun! He didn't bring his trousers or shirt with him so we were guessing where the top of his trousers would be. It would not look the best if there is too much gap between his waistcoat and trousers.

I am definitely getting excited about it all. We just have to organise a few details and then the day will be upon us! I am looking forward to the party.

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