17 October 2010

A little hiccup

Our wedding cake was to be simple. Fruit cake, with white icing and some flowers thrown in for good measure. It has turned out to be the most complicated part of our wedding.

I did some searching of the internet to find a style of cake that both C and I liked. I focussed on finding something quite simple. What I liked was a white cake, silver ribbon and cascading white roses.

From there it started getting complicated. We kept getting offered choices - what kind of flowers, what colour, what size, what type? There was pressure to match the bouquets and reception flowers to the cake and to match the bridesmaid dresses to the cake.

Phew. My mother came to the rescue for me and she bought us white roses and some ribbon for the cake. All seemed to be back on the simple track when we were derailed by the news that C's Aunt was no longer able to decorate our cake, less than six weeks until our day!

The cakes themselve were made months ago and so we did not want to look at the option of starting completely from scratch. Our path forward was to find someone else to decorate the cakes.

Thankfully his aunt had done some of the groundwork for us and had contacted a couple of decorators. So, we start again! We have spoken to one of the ladies and left her the flowers and ribbon and a few photos. We will not see the cake until the day so fingers crossed it will exceed our expectations!


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