29 September 2010

Another return

We received another invitation "Return to Sender" today. That makes our list to two missing, and five unknown. Oh, and a total of twenty one returned RSVPs, so we are above my pessimistic baseline!

25 September 2010

Wedding music

I told my friend PH that I had (briefly) considered Also Sprach Zarathustra by Strauss as the song for my bridesmaids and I to walk down the path to.

She countered with the Imperial March. (Check out the head of the back cello in this video.)

I tried to explain the difference - Strauss had composed his music long before Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick had brought it to a popular audience, whereas the Imperial March was written specifically for a movie series. One choice was clearly much nerdier than the other.

I do not think that she was convinced.

If I was going to be sci-fi nerdy about it then Star Wars would not be my theme of choice - it would be Doctor Who!!

That would be really weird. I might as well have had a TARDIS wedding cake and made the groomsmen dress as Doctor Who monstors and the girls as companions, with a K9 ring bearer. Chad could dress as Tom Baker's Doctor and I could channel Romana.

Actually... come to think of it...

24 September 2010

Shoes shoes shoes!

This evening after work I headed into the CBD, and tried to take in as many shoe shops (and shops selling shoes) as I could in my quest for bridal harmony. Zomp, Alannah Hill, Florsheim, Novo, Mimco, Nine West, Witchery, Zu, David Jones, Myer and more. I exhausted my knowledge and still failed to find inspiration.

I was somewhat more upbeat than last Saturday, as I have a secret weapon - a pair of much loved shoes that have been loitering in the bottom of the spare room wardrobe. They have been waiting for me to get around to taking them to a cobbler. This I did today and fingers crossed he can make them better than new. That will ease my shoe angst!


20 September 2010

Stationery First Aid

A big let down today. Eight of the invitations were returned, due to the address on them not being legible. I purchased envelopes that were 100% recycled and unbleached. The envelopes themselves are fine but I do not recommend printing on them.

I wavered between using the printer and handwriting, and in the end I printed since my writing is fairly scruffy. I also thought about sticking my address sticker on the envelopes but held off as it only has my name on it, and not Chad's.

Unfortunately the RSVP cards are doing the same - I printed directly onto the cards and they are rubbing off! I thought that it would be nice to have the RSVPs personalised - that is why I ended up directly printing. I tossed up ideas including printing the info onto a sticker and then sticking it onto the RSVP card, however I thought that there might be issues with people writing on the stickers.

Hmm, so a couple of lessons learned there!

Fingers crossed that the RSVPs make their way home. We now have a total of seven!

19 September 2010

To RSVP or not to RSVP

I decided to send out an RSVP card with our invitations. Mum said that I should get people to RSVP by phone or email, but I was keen for something a little more formal. Phone and in person can be forgotten, and emails would be okay for most of the younger crowd but I did not want to assume that everyone could use it!

My experience from the RSVP details that we put on our engagement invitations was that noone used the particular phone number that I put in and only six used the specific email address.

I designed a simple RSVP in the shape of the postcard. The names of the invitees have been printed on each RSVP and I have also added a stamp to each postcard so that noone can complain about the cost of sending it! The only effort is to tick a box on the card and post it.

I am curious now to see what the take up rate will be for this method of RSVP. The pessimist in me says I will have a 20% return. The optimist says 80%. We shall see! I am putting a gadget on my blog to keep track of the numbers.


18 September 2010

Shoe pain

Today I dragged my understanding and long suffering sister shoe shopping. Searching for shoes is one of my least favoured tasks and we tried many different areas in our quest!

We started at Harbour Town, then moved to the Claremont and Subiaco areas and finally to Georgie's Bridal Shoes in West Leederville.

No real luck and after I dropped E at home I headed to Garden City to see if I could find some inspiration. (I was feeling too cheap to pay for parking in the city so instead I drove an extra 12km to the shopping centre. Hmmm.)

No luck there either although I did buy some undergarments. I thought that I would try a few different ones to see what would be most comfortable to wear on the day.

We came up with a few shoe ideas. Georgie's Bridal Shoes had a few styles that I could cope with, although they had the price to match! Most promising were Nina "Culver" in silver and Pink "Mist". For an extra $20 the Pink shoes can be made in a number of different colours.

I shall have to scour the city next Saturday (or tomorrow if I feel enthusiastic enough!) and hopefully I can come up with something.

Image 1, 2

16 September 2010

Hair trial

My work ball seemed a good excuse for me to have a wedding hair trial! There was curlings and lots of product and pins, pins, pins! It all made it up and my hair stayed up for the night - not that I doubted it.

Hmm, not sure about me with curly hair. Thankfully this photo was taken during the process, not at the end!

15 September 2010

Another box ticked

I posted the wedding invitations this morning. There was a big stack to go out! Last night we tidied everything up and stamped and sealed envelopes.

We bought a 5m roll of magnet to stick to the back of the invitations, so that people could put them on their fridge without having to scrounge around. I had worried that the magnet would not be strong enough – apparently that was not the issue. The magnet itself stayed on the fridge while the invitation fell off! So last night C and I spent pulling each magnet off and resticking it with double sided sticky tape.

We also checked each invitation and made sure all of the inserts were in there (registry card, RSVP card and map of the venues) before we sealed the envelope and put stamps on.

Phew. I am glad that is done now!

Thank you so much to my sister E for her design advice and to ML and NM for their cutting and sticking assistance in getting the invitations finished. And of course to C for his efforts of sticking and sealing. I think that it would have driven me batty to try and do it all myself!!

09 September 2010

Invitation Busy Bee

Bridesmaid ML came over last night to help with the invitation construction line. She brought over a couple of cutters and soon set to work making piles of card and paper for making invitations. I was a bit slow and still had some of the invite sheets to print as well as RSVP cards. I eventually knocked those over and started to construct the invitations.

It was great to get things moving and we managed to get a grand total of twelve invitations constructed! All of the RSVP cards have been cut and stamps added. I shall have a few more busy hours putting the rest of the invitations together, and addressing envelopes. I shall have to see if I can enlist the services of my sister E and other bridesmaid NM to help keep the production line rolling.