11 December 2009

Bridal outfit

I love clothes, and I love buying clothes that are made locally to where I have bought them. I have actually visited Melbourne three times this year, twice to visit my friend N, and we have had great success shopping for locally made clothing and homewares. The first trip over I bought three cushions, luckily I had brought over a soft bag with me so I stuffed them into that and there were no problems getting them home! Five years ago my wardrobe was a mix of clothes from all different countries, as I tend to buy clothing as a souvenir! I realised a few weeks ago that most of my clothes were made and bought in Melbourne! I shall have to try a bit harder to support the local industry here in Perth, and mix up my wardrobe a bit.

I have given myself a budget for the bridal outfit, and will try my hardest to stay within it The budget is to cover dress, shoes, veil (if I decide to wear one) and underwear. I haven't thought about bridal jewellery! I was a little heartened when we went to Post Emporium (Aurelio Costarella) and learnt that the gown I liked best there was well within the budget. It made me think that getting an outfit within budget was not going to be as difficult as I had imagined.

For my wedding dress, I am definitely keen to get something locally designed and made here in Perth. So far E and I have visited three local designers/shops, including Aurelio Costarella, Hustle and Ashe. I have to confess that I already had a preference towards Lin Pin, I have a Lin Pin dress in a teal blue that I love, and was hoping to find something similar! Still, I am open to suggestions, and there are many more designers out there. All three of the places we looked at had dresses that would suit, so early next year I will need to make a choice and order my dress.

While I was in Melbourne recently visiting N, a couple of my friends mentioned a designer Gwendolynne. N and I took the opportunity to visit her store, as we were in the area on the Saturday. The dresses were gorgeous Such delicate detail and styling, magical gowns that definitely do not look off a rack and Made in China. We questioned the designer, and were told that the dresses were all made on the premises. I was in heaven! Unfortunately the cost of the gowns are far above my budget for the bridal outfit. Not to mention the cost of flying over to Melbourne for the fittings!

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