11 December 2009

The dress rehearsal...

We are organising an engagement party with our friends and immediate family. It will be great to catch up with everyone and share our excitement!

It would have been nice to have the party closer to when we were engaged, however C works on a roster and Christmas was getting closer so we ended up postponing it until the new year. Even then we were constricted, we are invited to a wedding in early March and had to adjust our party date to work in with celebrations involved with that wedding.

Hopefully everyone will be able to make it, most of C's friends live out of town so will have to find accommodation for the evening. We will have room for some but not all, we shall see how many we can fit!

Invitations were sent out this week, and we have already had RSVPs from friends looking forward to the party!

For the invitations I wanted to do something simple, and we have ended up with silver paper, black ribbon and black writing. I will try and get a picture to upload.

I have started to put together the menu for the evening. We would like to do food that is tasty but also minimal effort on the evening to prepare and serve. I have some great cookbooks for party finger food, so we shall see how we go! One of my favourite sites for recipes is Exclusively Food, and I might use a recipe or two from there. I will have to experiment a bit, but there should be a few parties coming up over the next few weeks so I can guinea pig people there!!

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