17 December 2009

Class of 1999

Tuesday night was my ten year reunion for our graduating class at uni. It was interesting to catch up with people, and reacquaint ourselves with colleagues who we hadn't seen since we were footloose and unencumbered!

Of the approximately twenty who went, there were only three ladies there, all from my dscipline, and all of us friends who catch up. That was the percentage of females in our course when we were studying, so no real surprises there! The guys it was interesting to hear who was married, who had children and who had been travelling. One of the guys had been living in Paris, and his work had taken him around the world! Others had not left Perth. Of those in my discipline, I was one of the very few who was actually working in the field we had all qualified in. I am not sure if this shows my dedication and commitment, or if everyone else knows something that I do not!

[As a note, I do enjoy my work, most of the time!]

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed meeting people, and talking to them. True, we had a common interest, in that we had studied at university at the same time, and in the same faculty, and that made it easier to start the conversation, but it was nice to learn something about people and see where someone who had started at the same point as myself was at in their life.

It was all reasonably civilised, with a constant stream of canapes and drinks at the University Club. I remember our five year reunion being at the old University Club, a dark bar with interesting character. At that event too there was minimum turnout, but it was organised on an evening when the students were celebrating, and we ended up at the University Tavern at one of the End of Semester shows!

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