14 December 2009

Setting a date

One thing that I wanted to organise fairly soon after our engagement was the date and venues for our wedding. I had an inkling that in order to get the venue that we preferred, we may have to book quite far in advance. I was surprised that C did not offer more resistance than he did in setting a date. We are also looking to build a house and he was much more focussed on that - had some strange concept that we could only do one thing at a time!

The date that we have ended up with was influenced by our timeline for next year, and the fact that we have three weddings already to attend! In March we are heading to Dunsborough for M&R's wedding, in April I am flying to Hobart for M&T's wedding and then in October C is best man at C&J's wedding in Collie! So we are a very busy couple next year. I had thought that I had run out of weddings to attend, but there seem to be a few people left to tie the knot.

We had a fair idea of where we would like to hold our wedding, and I only contacted a few venues. Our first choice was available for the date we wanted, so that made it all fairly simple! We are planning a lunch time reception, as we wanted something nice and relaxed, and then once the formal stuff is over we want to head out afterwards with our friends to continue celebrating! If we had wanted to book the venue for a Saturday evening then we would probably have had to wait until 2011! It does seem fairly popular!

Two venues that I did contact were The Bellhouse Cafe and Coco's in South Perth. They were very good in getting information to me, and also sent a follow up email a few days later to see how I was going with the information. The Bellhouse had special significance to us as well, since it was the site of our first date and also where we had dinner when C proposed! Unfortunately the size of the venues counted them out of our consideration. The Bellhouse was good for around 60 people seated, and Coco's had a minimum of 130. The menu's for Coco's that I received looked divine, C is a keen fisherman and there was definitely a good selection from the sea!

There was a third venue that I submitted an equiry to through their webpage. That seemed to be the way to approach it, there was no phone number to contact them, just an online form. That was back in late October and I have yet to hear from them!

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