11 December 2009

The Subi Street Festival

Last night E and I went to Subiaco to check out the Subi Street Festival. It was great! Face painting and street performers and painting of umbrellas and heaps of stalls selling locally made and designed products. I love to go to the markets, and see all of the wonderful products that people have made. There are so many things that I would like to buy, sadly I don't have enough house to keep them all in!

Some of the lovely stalls that we visited included Mitchell and Dent, Katy Jane and Champ+Rosie.

I was well behaved at the market, and didn't spend anything. I did however part with some hard earned dollars at Ginza. It was very unlike me, I bought three pairs of shoes all at once. I usually hate shoe shopping, I find it difficult to find shoes that fit and are comfortable, and I managed to find three pairs all with a medium heel. I am reasonably tall (172cm) so do not feel the need for extra height.

E was feeling a bit light headed due to lack of food. Most of the venues we wandered past looked packed, and we found ourselves at a Japanese sushi bar Satsuki right on top of the Subiaco train station! It was a pretty good location for making sure that we didn't miss the train. The food was very yummy, and beautifully presented! I will definitely have to make the time to go back there!

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