26 January 2010

Australia Day fireworks

I am watching the City of Perth Australia Day Skyworks on Channel 7. It is interesting to see the show from a different angle, and with some depth. What we saw as a clump of fireworks was actually a line! The quality of the picture being shown though is disappointing, compared to actually being there.

It was much more spectacular from the river! We spent the afternoon and evening on C's boat, relaxing, getting a bit of sun and hopping in the water to cool off. We listened to the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown, before switching to a countdown of Australian songs and finally to the channel that broadcasts the Skyworks soundtrack.

It is such a singular experience, the whole river and foreshore are all tuned to the same station and everyone stops to watch the pretty lights in the sky and listen to the mainly Australian soundtrack.

I really enjoyed the fireworks this year. I think that whoever put together the soundtrack together did an excellent job. The last few years has been really lame and cheesy, and this year was much better!

Although I did hear the Screaming Jets song Better at least three times during the course of the day. Not sure why it is supposed to be such a quintessential Australian song!

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