24 January 2010


I just went for a run. I procrastinated for too long, and instead of leaving at 8am as planned I did not set out until 9.20am, by which time it was already 30C!! I am feeling pretty trashed right now! It is all in a good cause though.

Preseason hockey training started last week, although I was not feeling well for the first session after actually looking forward to it. (I must be getting a bit loopy as I get older!)

The route that I usually run is to head down Coode Street towards the river, turn left just before I go swimming, run along the foreshore until I get to the carpark on The Esplanade and run back along the path between the Scented Garden/Boardwalk and the flashy apartments on Mill Point Road. At the traffic lights I retrace my steps back home. I have a feeling that door to door it is around 5.5km but I have not been out and measured.

It's lovely scenery at any rate, and for the most part I do not have to worry about cars. I have found that helps me to settle into the rhythm.

This is the route that I run before work, or on weekends when I am lazy!

The original map is the Sir James Mitchell Park - Function Sites map from the City of South Perth.

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