19 January 2010


My sister-in-law-to-be K and I went down to the Southbound Festival in Busselton over the weekend of the 7th-11th January 2010. I had been to the first three, but had not been to the last two due to a lack of friends to go with me.

This year we camped for three nights, and the festival went for two days with Friday a bonus day of music for those who were camping there.

We decided to be "Lazy Campers" and purchased tickets that included a tent that was set up for you as well as inflated air mattresses. Our little area was staffed around the clock so that if we had any issues there was someone to try and sort it out. It was mostly quiet in our area, and in fact it lacked a little of the atmosphere of the general camping area however I am not sure how we would have done trying to cart a tent and bedding on top of the esky and bags that we had!!  Maybe we should have only taken one change of clothes...

It was very hot during the day at the festival and cool during the evenings, so our survival method was to find a nice piece of grass and some shade and ride it out until the temperature dropped. Copious amounts of water was consumed and lots of fruit as well! We had both come well stocked with fruit.

Musical highlights of the festival included (for me, and in no particular order) Wolfmother, Datarock, Little Birdy, Moby, Sarah Blasko... and more when I can have a look at the play list and remember who else I saw!

I did not see any really tragic acts, and there was always something to watch or do so we were kept very well entertained!

There were definitely food highlights of the festival. One previous Southbound I had discovered the Gozleme, and this Southbound did not disappoint!  We went back a few times to test them again. And again. There were also organic doughnuts, freshly made, twice as big is a regular doughnut and with a wonderful texture... plus the Chai Tent in Basecamp, where we sat and chilled with iced chai. Yum!

The atmosphere was fairly mellow, although it felt a bit less mellow that what I remembered of the 2007 Southbound. The crowd was not too manic or aggressive and everyone seemed to be able to enjoy themselves. We were heartened to realise that we were not the oldest campers or festival goers, and a good time was had!!

Photos from of Sunset Events

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