16 January 2010

Wedding Planner

My sister E has put much love and creativeness into the Wedding Planner that she made us. I do love it, and need to make use of it more than I currently do.

She has used all sorts of different papers to make a special file for us to record all of our wedding notes and plans. The planner has been broken down into sections so that we can organise our day more effectively. The Engagement Party has been left to the end, as E rationalised (correctly!) that once it was over we would not wish to always be flicking through it to get to the wedding information!

She has individualised the divider for each section relevant to the content. For the Honeymoon section below, she has used the patterns from the inside of envelopes to create the illusion of the ocean!

When I first was engaged I had a few vague thoughts about getting a planner of some sort. I did a survey of a few of my (girl)friends who had recently been married, and the concensus was that they used an Excel Spreadsheet. Noone seemed to own up to having used a planner! Even so, I thought that a planner might be a nice addition to my wedding stationery, as an item more collectable than an Excel spreadsheet. I was more inclined to just buy a nice blank book and make it up myself, rather than some commercially overpriced effort where you are forced to conform to someone else's idea of how you should plan your wedding.

Very early on E asked if we had a wedding planner. When I answered in the negative I think that her creative processes went into overdrive and she transformed a plain tan file into the very stylish and useable planner that I have tried to show in the photos.

PS I do also have an Excel spreadsheet, but it's useless for saving bits of paper and business cards and samples!!

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