21 January 2010

Cars and things

From the start I maintained that wedding cars were unnecessary and a waste of funds - money that could be spent at the bar after the wedding, don't you know?? However last week I was overruled. It all came about after we spoke to our photographer. He suggested some interesting location shots, including East Perth, King's Park and of course the surrounds of South Perth. I had originally had thoughts of having a few photos between our ceremony and lunchtime reception, however he was enthused about photos after the reception and we could then get to some lovely and interesting locations. Assuming of course that the boys were not too drunk... Anyway, in order to reach these locations, we would require transport, and the thought of driving around and trying to find parking lost some of its appeal.

I did have some influence over what was booked, C initially rang up about hiring a stretch Hummer ($2200 for 5 hours!) but that really did not appeal to me for so many reasons. I could not reconcile the image of a stretch hummer with myself in any way, shape or form, and especially not for my wedding!

Here are a few of the other options around Perth. At this point I will leave it to speculation as to what we have actually booked...

Perth Hummer

Wedding Cars of Perth

Princess Wedding Cars

PS I found these limo sites by doing a search on google... I have no knowledge at all of the service offered.

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